tiit kui alas halkeo tiituksenkallio laskeutuminen These photos are from some of our adventures at elämyspaja (NTTP). It's workshop kindalike thing that lasted 4 months. We did there bouldering, climbing, camping, slacklining, frisbeegolf and geogaching etc. We also had one survival day in the forest and we learnt to led other workshops also. I got many friends from there and challenged myself several times. I learnt many useful things and gained more courage there and also saw many wonderful nature places and took a lots of photos <3
You can check teaser video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsXOL6B4-I4 try to spot me !!

And one of the biggest news is that I'm going to interrail for one month tomorrow! I'm very excited, this is going to be a great and challenging adventure. This was quite ex tempore trip, because i met my old friend at he bar few weeks ago and he was looking for a travelling partner and I decided to go with him because I've always been dreaming of interrail trip. And now I got a travelling partner even without looking for a one in this summer, amazing!! Travelling company is sometimes hard to find due to time schedule or money problems and etc ://

Another news is that in August I'm moving to Kuusamo (it's city almost in lapland here in Finland) There is a study line of photography which lasts to spring. I love lapland so much and I can't wait to live there and be amazed by its nature everyday omg!

...My hippie project is doing quite well. I have one post waiting to be published and other ideas also. I'm gonna focus writing about these in autumn when I will have more time. I've been hella busy lately but thats just nice.

Remember that I have two instagram acocunts which I update more often. @hydrofobia @inenji


vkiv3 vkiv2 vkiv Wide-angle lens test photos with veera.


kehitän elämääni

gfit3 gfit I've decided that I will start to live more environmentally friendly. I have always respected so much people who live sustainable every day life (and also eat healthy and clean food), so why shouldn't I do it too? I'm going to take small steps, because why to hurry? I think it is better to change your lifestyle little by little rather than making quick changes radically. This can be compared to weight loss. When you are on a diet you make many and radical changes and when the diet ends, you crash in your old bad habits because you didn't get properly used to those better habits. When you change your food eating and exercise habits step by step and slowly get acccustomed to your new way of living the results will be much more better and permanent! At least this slow way is better way for me.

Kersasta lähtien ihmiset on pitäny jotain karkkilakkoja, enkä oo ymmärtäny niiden ideaa. En kyllä ite oo kovin kummoinen karkinsyöjä ite ollu koskaan, niin en ehkä tajua? Mutta mielestäni tuommoinen lakkoilu on ihan ihme kidutustoimenpide ja pidemmän päälle hyödytönkin :D:D  (joo ei löytyny enkkukäännöstä karkkilakolle)

 I love to challenge myself, so this will be fun and exciting!! Most importantly I hope I will have less toxins in my life and I can be happy with myself for doing this thing for me and for the nature.

I'm going to do a list of the habits/products I've changed (maybe) every month and post it here with pics! And no, my blog is not going to turn a totally hippie blog, because this is just a small project. But I would like to try this and I hope I this will give ideas for you too =) I won't focus only food things, cause they are so much exposed everywhere but won't forget that field entirely ofc. I want to see what other changes I can also do in my everyday life. And I don't know yet how far i'm going with this. I will do what feels good.

 ...I wrote this now in english but because my english is not perfect at all, I will write just like always randomly in english or finnish or both  :D ... If some of you would like help me to translate my writings I could be interested!


"Ollaan mahdollisimman vähän henkisiä, pidetään yllä materiaalisia arvoja ja ollaan koko ajan vähän huolissaan. Hoidetaan duunit eikä kyseenalaisteta mitään."


Ajan Henki | Virallinen julkaisu | Osa 1 | 2011 from Ajan Henki on Vimeo.

Oon katsonut tän dokumentin muutamia vuosia sitten, mutta katsoinpa mielen virkistykseksi uudestaan. Ajattelin jakaa nyt teillekin, koska dokkari on täynnä hyvää infoa systeemistä ja ilmaisee asiansa selkeästi. Tuosta löytyy myös ajoittain hyvää sarkastista läppää. Ootteko nähneet?